How to reach Parvathamalai

Parvathamalai is a shivite holy hilltop temple, where people from all over the world come here to seek the blessing of lord shiva. Parvathamalai is also a beautiful and a perfect one-day trekking spot where trekking enthusiasts can quench the thirst of trekking a complex mountain. 

how to reach Parvathamalai?

There are many ways by which one can reach Parvathamalai.

By own vehicle:

If you are commuting by your own vehicle the route from Chennai is via SriperambatturAarcot- Arani- Polur and from here you can reach Parvathamalai reserve forest, the total distance is approximately 190 km.

If traveling from Bangalore the distance is approximately 204 km the route is via Bangalore-Hosur-Shoolagiri-Krishnagiri-Chengam- Parvathamalai reserve forest.

If your choice is bus

Some buses ply from major cities like Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore, Bangalore and other towns to Thiruvannamalai frequently.

There are a number of A/C buses that ply to Vellore, Arani, Thiruvannamalai, and Polur that run from major cities like Chennai and Bangalore.

The distance from Chennai is around 200 km and can be reached through buses that ply to nearest towns like Polur, Aarni, Thiruvannamalai. And thereafter local buses can be boarded to reach the point of beginning the trek.

Chennai - Vellore -Polur-(local bus to) Parvathamalai

Chennai - Arani-(local bus to)Parvathamalai

Chennai- Thiruvannamalai-(local bus to)Parvathamalai

If planning from the nearby city Bangalore to Parvathamalai the distance is 204 km. Many buses ply to Tiruvannamalai or Vellore. And thereafter one can then board local buses to reach Parvathamalai.

By Train:

There are Few trains in south India stop in Thiruvannamalai, Vellore, and Polur on specific days and specific timing that can be used as a mode of transport. Devotees who are willing to reach through trains are requested to check the timings and the days on which the train passes these routes. usually, there are trains to Polur, Vellore, and Thiruvannamalai from cities like Chennai POndicherry and Bangalore

The trains that stop in Polur are :

Puducherry express
Chalukya express
Pamani express
Tirupati express
The trains that stop in Thiruvannamalai :

Tpty Rmm Express
Pamani Express
Tirupati Express
Rmm Tpty Express

The trains that stop in Vellore:

Tiruchirapalli Hyderabad decan express
Hyderabad decan Rameshwaram special
Puducherry express
Chalukya express
Howrah Jn Puducherry express
Puducherry Howrah express 
Tirupathi Rameshwaram express and others

By Airways:

If you are coming from a different faraway city or country to Parvathamalai one chooses between the airports Bangalore or Chennai as per convenience and travel to the destination either by hiring a cab or at your convenience.

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