Prepare Paneer-cottage cheese at home

Paneer is a rich food that is a rich source of calcium, proteins, and other nutrients.
it is most loved by children and many of the dishes can be easily prepared by using paneer.

it is very rich food for vegetarians and it supplies all the nutritive requirements.

paneer tastes and feels the best if it is prepared fresh cows milk, one can also use full-fat milk if preferring packed milk to prepare it.

ingredients required:

fresh cows milk or full-fat milk 1 liter 
lemon juice or vinegar 3 teaspoons 
cold water few liters 


Pour milk in a vessel and allow it to boil for a few minutes.

keep stirring continuously don't allow the bottom to burn.

once the milk comes to boil add lemon or vinegar and mix for 5-10 secs for the process of curdling and switch off the flame.

the milk starts to curdle and the cheena formation happens.

now drain the contents in a thin cloth filter to remove the chhena.

pour cold water over it and drain completely 

after draining it completely put in a muslin cloth and keep in in drainer with a heavy object on the top of it.

after 2-3 hours remove it gently and cut it into pieces or cubes of the required size.

homemade paneer is ready to use. make yummy recipes and enjoy the paneer delight.

home made paneer with fresh cream milk
home made Paneer 

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