Ksepana Mudra - Remove negativity from your mind and body 

Do you want to flush out toxins and negativity from your body?

Pour out the unwanted feelings from life...

Ksepana mudra flushes out all the toxins and negative feelings from the mind and body. it is the gesture of pouring out, that helps in removing unwanted memories and feelings in life.

Practice this mudra regularly to stay positive and energetic by removing unwanted feelings from your mind and toxins from your body.
Mudra is a unique and one of the best techniques that can be used to attain any health benefit by continuous and regular practice.
Mudras are hand gestures that balance the five elements called the panchabooth (fire, earth, water, air, and space) in our body. Mudras help in balancing the three doshas in the body called the vatha, pittha, and the Kapha doshas.

How to perform this mudra?

step 1: This mudra can be performed either in a sitting or sleeping position.
step 2: clasp your fingers in both hands and extend the index fingers so that they touch each other.
step 3: cross the thumbs and let the left thumb be placed over the right thumb.
step 4: keep the other fingers relaxed and be placed on the back of your hands.
step 5: while in a sitting position let the index fingers point downwards. in sleeping position let the fingers point to the feet.

Benefits of the mudra:

regular practise of this mudra flushes out the toxins from the body.
negativity is removed and one becomes fresh and energetic.
negative emotions are drained from the body.

when and how long should the mudras be performed:

These mudras can be performed at any point of time in a day. one has to start by holding this mudra for 5 minutes and can be stretched up to 45 minutes a day.
Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices for effective results.



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