Kunnathur Murugan temple

Kunnathur Murugan temple is one of the famous ancient historic temples dedicated to Lord Murugan in the Polur town of Thiruvannamalai district in India. As mentioned, the main deity here is the lord Murugan as Lord Dhandayuthapani. It is said that the lord here is very powerful and fulfills the wishes of his devotees and blesses them with great fortune. Many of the localites and people from other places throng here to seek the blessings of the Lord Murugan.

kunnathur Murugan temple
kunnathur Murugan temple 
The temple is located on the top of the hill Kundu malai in the Kunnathur village.

Devotees who come here light camphor at the bottom of the hill and climb up the hill by hymning the names of the Lord Murugan. The hymns include the names of the lord along with Aroohara sounds.

Kunnathur village is a small village in Polur taluk in Thiruvannamalai district in India that contains many ancient temples that were built many years ago.

Special poojas are performed on many special occasions and festival days.

The main events and festivals that are performed here are thai poosam, vaikasi visakam, aadi kirthigai, thai kirthigai, panguni uttiram and other main festivals are celebrated here.

On special occasions festivals, the utsava moorthy is brought down and the offerings are done to the lord. Swamy oorvalam takes place in which the lord is taken to different streets, around the hill and then brought back to the temple after the procession. And annadaanam(free food) is also provided by the localites for the devotees during this time.

On occasions, many of the devotees come here and offer different types of offerings to god that includes shaving their head, kavadi, and many other types of offerings. It is said if appealed to god with utmost devotion god listens to the blessings and gives the boon.

People also offer salt and pepper in this temple by praying for the fulfillment of their prayers. This salt and pepper offering is especially used by people who have obstacles in marriage.it is said that by offering salt and pepper the problems of the devotees melts like salt in water.

Since it is a Murugan temple, the vahanam (vehicle ) of Lord Murugan peacocks can be seen in a cage that is constructed. The peacocks are fed by the temple and the kids get to see the peafowls and enjoy it.
peacock at kunnathur murugan temple
peacock at kunnathur murugan temple 
peafowls kunnathur murugan temple
peafowls kunnathur murugan temple 
This is an ancient temple that is dedicated to the Lord Murugan in the surroundings and is a very powerful and peaceful place to get peace of mind and positive vibrations to the good being of the devotees who come here.

There is a temple for Kalabhairav outside the premises of the main temple.
Kalabhairav kunnathur murugan temple
Kalabhairav kunnathur murugan temple 
There are many more famous and ancient temples around the Kunnathur village that include the Thirumalai Jain temple in Arani district, Swayambu Narashima Perumal malai kovil Polur, Shree Vana Maha vaarahi Amman temple Attimur, Thiruvannamalai temple, Parvathamalai and there are Jain temples in the same village and the neighboring village Renderipet.

how to reach from Polur:

The distance is just around 3 km. it is best to hire an auto for transport since they are always available in the Polur town. There are also town buses that go from Polur to other nearby cities and villages that run in this way.
Chennai the distance is 167 km and one can reach towns like Polur, Aarni from Chennai, and then use the local buses or autos.
Thiruvannamalai: the distance is 41 km and one can reach Polur and then choose your mode of transport from there.

Other major inspiring places that one can visit

There are Jain temple in Kunnathur and the next village Renderipet
Attimur Shri Varahi Amman temple .
Thirumalai Jain temple
Javvadu hills
Thiruvannamalai annamalaiyar temple
Thiruvannamalai aashrams
Sathanur reservoir


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