Dhanvantri Homam - A boon to good health

Dhanvantri Bhagavan is the avatar of Maha Vishnu who is the "God of Ayurveda" who is believed to have found medicines to cure illness.

It is said that the lord Dhanvantri, the king of Varanasi, appeared when the milky ocean was churn by the devatas and the demons. Lord Dhanvantri appeared with the  Amrit Kalash (pot of sweet divine liquid that heals). it is said that this liquid Amrit has the power to cure any kind of illness.

Lord Dhanvantri is a powerful divine physician who can heal our body and mind. Dhanvantri is depicted as the lord with four arms and holds sankha, chakra, the Amrit Kalash, and ayurvedic grantha.

 Dhanvatri Homam 

Dhanvantri Homa can be performed to get rid of all health-related problems.

To invoke the lord of Ayurveda and to seek his blessings the Dhanvantri Homam is performed. Performing Dhanvantri Homam, listening to the mantras gives relief from various diseases and helps in living a long healthy life.

Benefits of performing the Dhanvantri Homam.

Lord Dhanvantri is a powerful god with great powers to cure you of many diseases and discomforts. this Homam can be performed -

To live a happy life and to stay healthy.

Someone is not feeling well and needs the blessings of the lord.

On the day of the birth star, the birthdays this Homam can be performed and seek a long healthy life from the lord.

This Homam can be performed to pray for the overall health of the family members.

When there is mal effect of some planet in the horoscope and you are facing health issues. in this situation, the problem can be rectified by invoking the lord  Dhanvantri and praying to seek his blessings.

What are the occasions on which the Dhanvantri Homam can be performed?

Usually, the Dhanvantri Homam is performed on days of Ekadhashi’s that are special days for lord Vishnu.

Dhanvantri Homam can be performed on the birth star day of the person for whom the Homam is being performed.

 If there are mal effects of the planets in the horoscope then the Dhanvantri Homam can be performed to safeguard from the health problems that one could face.

It can also be performed when a person is not feeling well or in serious conditions, for faster recovery.

Dhanvantri Homam at home 

Dhanvantri Homam at home is performed in order to maintain a healthy life for the individuals at home. 

Dhanvantri Homam at home can also be performed when someone in the house is not feeling well and this prayer is for the recovery from the illness.

How is the Dhanvantri Homam performed?

108 types of herbs are used to perform the Homam. These herbs are burnt in the Agni kundam, the fire and the smoke emitted from burning these herbs are said to be very powerful to treat an ill person and help in recovery from the illness. 

Dhanvantri mantra 

"OM namO Bhagavate vAsudEvAya dhanvaMtaraye amRutakalasha hastAya 

   sarvamAyavinAshanAya trailOkyanAthAya SrI mahAviShNave namaH"


Meaning of Dhanvantri mantra

Dhanvantri mantra makes you invoke the ayurvedic Lord Dhanvantri and seek his blessings by bowing down to the lord.  

By reciting this mantra, it means that : 

you bow down to the lord Dhanvantri, the lord with four hands holding objects like conch, chakra, ayurvedic grantha (medicine book) and a pot of sweet nectar called Amrit Kalash. the lord's pleasing heart shines and is a bright ray of light. this light is around the Lord's head and beautiful lotus eyes. the blazing fire that is exhibited from the lord is the destroyer of all diseases and illness in the universe.a blazing forest fire

Dhanvantri Gayatri mantra

"Om tat purushAya Vidmahe Amritha Kalasa HastAya dheemahi Tanno Dhanvantri PrachodayAt"

Meaning of Dhanvantri Gayatri Mantra

by reciting this mantra :

you owe to meditate upon the lord dhanvantri, who is the supreme power and is holding an Amrit kalash(pot of immortal nector)in is hands and seek his blessing to the live a healthy life style with all healthy organs.

Attention: this is an informative article that explains the importance and benefits of performing Dhanvantri homam. it is advised to perform the homas and havans with the help and guidance of an expert to reap maximum benefits. one can't expect a seriously ill person to come back to normality by performing this homam. each one's fate is decided by the almighty lord who is the creator and destroyer.

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