Kalmegh or Nilavembhu Benefits 

 Kalmegh or Nilavembu is known as Green Chirayta in English and is the “king of bitters”.

Kalmegh is known as nilavembu in Tamil, kariyathu in Gujarat, nelabevu in Kannada, nilavepu in Malayalam, bhooinimo in Urdu, and has several other local names.

It is a precious herb that is wholly used plant and has many healing properties and cures many alignments. 

Nilavembu kudineer

 Medicinal properties :

The plant is bitter, acrid, cooling, and is laxative in nature. It has many medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antiperiodic, antithyroid, antibiotic, depurative, and many properties others to settle down many alignments in the body.

 This powerful herb is used to treat chronic fever, malaria, dengue, intermittent fevers, cuts, wounds, cough, bronchitis, burning sensation, ulcers, skin diseases, leprosy, diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids, and many other illnesses.

 It is widely used in ayurvedic and homeopathic drugs to treat various problems.

 Benefits of Kalmegh for different problems:

 Healthy liver :

 Kalmegh or nilavembu is widely used to treat liver problems, the medicinal properties in this herb protect the liver against damages that are caused by toxins called the free radicles.

 The anti-oxidant and the anti-inflammatory properties in the herb remove the toxins and heal the liver inflammation caused due to various internal and external factors.

 Since it has hepatoprotective properties it can be used to treat chronic hepatitis B viral infection.

 In the Indian system of medicine, kalmegh is said to balance the Kapha and pitta natures in the body.

Boost immunity:

 The consumption of Kalmegh is linked with an increased healthy appetite and avoiding junk food cravings. The various medicinal properties of this herb make your system healthy and help fight against various infections that can cause severe illness.

It balances the tridoshas namely the vattha , pitta and Kapha in the body  

For cold, flu, fever, and allergies :

It has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties to fight against disease-causing viruses and other disease-causing germs. is said to reduce high fever due to various factors. helps in stimulating sweat during fever and helps in reducing fever.

It helps in exerting the phlegm due to colds and allergies and the anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the inflammation in the lungs due to various infections.

It can be consumed to get relief from common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, and others

 Appetite stimulant and aid for digestion:

Consuming kalmegh regularly improves digestion by improving the digestive enzymes and increases appetite.  Improper digestion, reflux due to improper digestion can be reduced by regularly consuming this miracle herb.


The bitterness of this herb is so powerful that the intestinal worms are killed and removed from the body. Consuming kalmegh is a good deworming option to clean your colon and support intestinal health.

Control diabetes :

The chemicals in the herb kalmegh help in reducing blood sugar levels. It supports the pancreas to secrete insulin and utilize glucose effectively. regular consumption of kalmegh in moderate advised levels is said to reverse the effects of diabetes.

Consuming kalmegh on regular basis could even prevent the risk of diabetes and its complications.

 Good for skin:

The medicinal properties of the herb cure skin problems like acne, psoriasis, pimples, and other skin problems.

The antioxidants improve the health of the skin and the antibacterial properties in the herbs help in fighting bacterial infections caused by various factors.

The benefits of this herb are infinite and are very useful for mankind for better survival on this planet.

Attention: This is an informative article that explains the importance and benefits of the herbs and is intended to provide overview information. it is advised to consume ayurvedic herbs and medicines under the guidance of an expert to reap maximum benefits. 

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