Benefits of Kalyana murungai or Indian coral tree 

Mulu murungai or the Indian coral  tree 

The Indian coral tree popularly known as Kalyana murungai or the Mulu murungai in Tamil is an amazing herbal tree with a number of medicinal properties.

 The leaves and bark of the tree are generally used for many medicinal purposes.

Kalyana murungai contains anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial properties, anti-diabetic properties,  osteo-protective properties, and others.

 This herb is very much beneficial for people of all ages. 

Kalyana murungai - the Indian coral tree

Benefits of consuming Kalyana murungai :

For infertility and periods problems:

Women especially benefit a lot from consuming Mulu murungai, the problems such as irregular periods, PCOS and PCOS, periods pain, excessive menstrual bleeding, infertility, and many others.

It can be consumed to increase breast milk and give physical support to breastfeeding mothers.

Reduce body heat and treat painful urination: 

consuming the leaves along with fenugreek seeds will reduce the body heat during periods and other 

For immunity :

Consuming this herb on regular basis will boost your immunity. It helps in increasing hemoglobin content in the body hence making you fit and healthy.

For deworming : 

It helps in removing many kinds of intestinal worms like tapeworms, roundworms, threadworms, and other kinds of worms.

For common cold and cough:

The medicinal property of the herb is used to treat common colds, coughs, and phlegm. It is also used to treat common cold-related allergies. Prepare a tea by boiling Kalyana murungai along with a little piece of ginger and garlic to relax the nasal congestion and cold-related problems. 

How to consume this herb: 

Usually, the leaves and the bark of the tree are used for medicinal preparations. The seeds of this tree are considered to be poisonous. 

The fresh leaves can be chewed after removing the thicker stalks from the leaves.

Kalyanamurungai tea can be prepared by boiling the leaves along with a little piece of ginger and garlic. 

The leaves can be consumed along with fenugreek seeds to reduce the body heat are get relief from painful urination and irritation.

The leaves can be ground into a paste and can be added idly dosa batter, or chapatti dough to increase the nutritional value of the recipe.

Kalyana Murungai power can be consumed by mixing with water or honey or it can be added to recipes as mentioned in the above point.

Attention: This is an informative article that explains the importance and benefits of the herbs and is intended to provide overview information. it is advised to consume ayurvedic herbs and medicines under the guidance of an expert to reap maximum benefits. 

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